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About Pcgeeks247

Pcgeeks247 focus on the successful standard of organizations and Zero versatility towards inefficiency. We understand that your PC is an important part of your everyday life. In this manner we ensure that we take most extraordinary care of the prosperity of your PC ensuring that you keep working happily. We have built up various reasonable plans, which you can choose from as per your financial ability and needs. We give wide support through email and phone for complete diagnosing and mending your PC problems. Our prime aphorism is customer loyalty and for this we generally put our sincere endeavors to settle issue consuming smallest time.

Why choose us?

  • Unlimited 24*7 tech support for your PC.
  • Huge number of satisfied customer.
  • More than 90% Resolution rate.
  • Panel of experts for solutions to your problem.
  • Best and Affordable plans for supports, online storage and security.
  • We offer 30 days money back guarantee for unsatisfied customers.



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The Virtual Desktop system is not designed to handle video playback. It is possible to watch video content, but isn’t recommended. Performance will vary based on the Internet connection you are using. This is because of the Remote Desktop Connection software that is used to connect to the Virtual Desktop. If you need to watch video, it is highly recommended to watch on your own computer. If you need to watch a video that is in a format your computer can’t read, we recommend downloading the VLC Media Player for free. VLC works on all operating systems, and can be found here.

Printing from the Virtual Desktop to a printer at home or in a computer lab is not supported. You can print to a PDF file within the Virtual Desktop if the document you wish to print is in a format your own computer cannot read. Simply use the program’s print function to create the PDF file, which you can then copy to your own computer to print. You will need the Adobe Reader software to print the file. For more information on how to print to PDF, please see the File Management user guide.

After your subscription expires, files saved on your network drive are retained for a period of six months. If you need a file from your network drive within this time period, please contact us with the file name(s) and we will send them to you by email. If you renew your subscription within six months, no files will be lost.

Please see the File Management guide for information on how to copy files to and from the Virtual Desktop.

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