Everyone nowadays is using internet and hence is in danger of getting infected with virus which can really mess your whole PC. So here at Pcgeeks247 we will ensure that you have a Virus protection
and it is updated at all times.


In this world of Internet, we all know that there are lots of pros and cons of Internet. One of the cons of the internet is the Virus.

Just as the virus in our body makes us weak and helpless, similarly the virus in your computer makes it weak and vulnerable to hackers. With the Virus infection the computer behaves in an abnormal way and the end user is unable to perform either some of them functions or is unable to do anything at all.

How your computer gets infected by Virus?

Either you have recently visited a non trusted website especially like a porn website or you might have plugged in an infected Pen Drive/ USB Drive on to your PC.

Some of the symptoms of Virus infection

  • Your PC freezes or locks up
  • Your mouse pointer behaves erratically
  • Applications open or close on it’s own
  • Lots of pop ups
  • PC shutting down on it’s own


Do not visit non trusted websites. Trusted websites examples are , , etc.

How to get rid of the Virus?

Install a reputed antivirus and run a full PC scan. Remove infected files or Quarantine them. Always ensure your Windows Firewall is on at all times. Or you can call our 24X7 Toll Free Number right now,
in order to get expert assistance.


Norton Antivirusnorton_symantec_logo

As stated before nowadays there are millions of viruses evolving all the time. Now to secure your PCyou will need a software which will protect you from all kinds of viruses and malwares. This softwareis known as Antivirus.One such popular antivirus is Norton Antivirus.Now get most updated and light weight Norton Antivirus which willprovide real time protection.Protect and guard your computer both from Viruses and MalwaresYou will have a Norton expert at your disposal for securing your PC 24X7.Available for PC,MAC , Android   You can now live in peace and do all your online work without any fear of getting any virus infection.

Mcafee Antivirusmcafee-logo

Mcafee Antivirus was initially designed and developed by Mcafee, INC, then it was acquired by Intel Security.

Since the very beginning it was one of the most popular and lightweight antivirus. It is also available
for many devices like PC, MAC , IOS and Android.

One of the products is Mcafee Internet Security and it will protect you from all online viruses and also malwares. It consists of Mcafee Site Advisor which is one of the Unique features for people who are not
aware which sites are trusted and which are not.

It has inbuilt firewall and also anti-spam solution. There is another good feature called Shredder, which will delete files from your PC once and for all.